Too many veggies to eat right away?  Here are some tips to keep your produce looking nice until you get around to eating it.  You can also check out more tips with our first Storing the Harvest.

Fresh tomatoes will store best withe the stem side pointed down (especially if the stem is no longer attached).  We usually try to provide you with some fully ripe tomatoes ready to eat right away as well as a couple that are still firm and can wait a bit longer.  They are best if stored at room temperature.

Cucumbers are best stored in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.  They’ll last a bit longer if kept in plastic, but will taste best when eaten a few days after you get them.

Eggplant is tricky as the best temperature to store it is 50F, warmer than a refrigerator but cooler than your house.  We suggest you just use it quickly so it won’t matter as much what temperature you store it at.  If that’s not possible a cool garage or basement can be great.

Sweet peppers will keep longest in your refrigerator.  If you can’t use them soon you can roast and freeze them to good effect.  The small Jimmy Nardello Peppers (the skinny ones above) also work well pickled.

Hot peppers store well at room temperature.  The chemical that makes them hot, capsicum, is also a natural anti-microbial so they will keep for a long time.  Cayenne peppers (the little red ones in the picture above) dry really well just by hanging them by the stem on a string.

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