Well it looks like the heat is back with us, but this August heat means that tomato season is upon us. Besides tomatoes many of our warmer weather crops such as eggplants and peppers are quickly ripening and in the next few weeks expect to see more of these items. For those of you who opened your box to see a strange, green, alien looking globe of a vegetable and had no idea where to begin to deal with it or for those looking for a little extra inspiration check out this article on kohlrabi: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/03/09/discovering-kohlrabi-its-a-vegetable/. And now to the main event.

In your share this week:

 Cherry Tomatoes (Buffalo St. Farm)

Arugula (Vinewood Knoll)

 Roma Tomatoes (Singing Tree)

 Hungarian Hot Peppers (Fields of Plenty, Farnsworth)

Green Peppers (Fields of Plenty)

 Kohlrabi (Vinewood Knoll)

Cucumbers (Fields of Plenty, Farnsworth)

Kale (Buffalo St. Farm, Vinewood Knoll)

Basil (Singing Tree, Farnsworth)

 Flower Bouquets (Buffalo St. Farm, Singing Tree)

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