Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (or at least the very pushy vegetables)

In discussions of urban farming people often talk about using space outside wisely and creatively when it comes to growing food.  They don’t talk as often about the pressure of storing the harvest or finding sheltered space to grow transplants.  Roommates, family members, house guests and others are competing with tomatoes, onions, garlic and all manner of veggies for space in our homes.

This used to be the way people got into Minni’s house.  Where did all the extra tomatoes go before?  In the space now occupied by her brother visiting from out of state, how rude for him to displace the fruit!

Tomatoes, apples, squash, garlic, squash, beans and more clamoring for attention in Emily’s home.

Who needs to be able to wash dishes?  It is more important that these plums get rinsed so we can make jam.

Alice’s dining room table for the past couple weeks (which she shares with her four other very understanding roommates)

Alice’s living room in March.  And this is before she added the second table and the second level of grow lights underneath the table so she could also put plants on the floor.  Did we mention her very understanding roommates?

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