Another soggy harvest but our summer harvest keeps coming as we try to plan out salad greens, storage crops and other goodies for our fall harvest.  Farmers keep busy busy right up until the first frost.  Enjoy your herbs (parsley and mint) along with all the summer veggies this week, and if you need more come see us at Detroit Farm and Garden (1759 20th st, enter off 21st) Saturday from noon until 4 where we’ll have a farm stand with all sorts of goodies.


Beets (Buffalo St, Fields of Plenty, Singing Tree)

Sweet Peppers (Buffalo Street, Fields of Plenty, Vinewood Knoll)

Giant Zucchini- good for making bread or grilling or playing baseball (Buffalo Street)

Tomatoes (Farnsworth, Singing Tree, Fields of Plenty, Vinewood Knoll)

Chard (Buffalo St, Vinewood Knoll, Farnsworth)

Sage (Buffalo St)

Parsley (Buffalo St, Farnsworth)

 Eggplant (Fields of Plenty, Vinewood Knoll, Farnsworth)

 Flowers (Buffalo St, Farnsworth, Singing Tree)

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