Week 12: September 29

Have a great weekend, most of the farmers will be enjoying a party Saturday night as we’ve got a wedding to go to over at Singing Tree!


Tomatoes (Farnsworth, Buffalo St, Singing Tree, Fields of Plenty, Vinewood Knoll)

Sweet Peppers (Fields of Plenty, Buffalo St, Singing Tree, Vinewood Knoll, Farnsworth)

Hot Peppers (Singing Tree, Fields of Plenty)

Basil (Farnsworth)

Eggplant (Farnsworth, Vinewood Knoll, Fields of Plenty)

Kale (Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo St, Singing Tree)

Chard (Farnsworth, Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo St)

Flowers (Farnsworth, Buffalo St, Fields of Plenty)

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