The tomato avalanche continues (see Attack of the Killer Tomatoes for photos of the fallout).  As farmers we’re always learning and tweaking our plans.  One of the limits of the seasonality of our work is that many times we have to wait a whole year to put into practice something we’ve just figured out (or want to try out).  This week will likely be the only week with beans in your boxes but at least three of us this week have said “Next year, enough beans for the CSA!”  So expect 2013 to be full of them.  If you have any “Next year…” ideas yourself we’d love to hear them.

Tomatoes (Fields of Plenty, Singing Tree, Farnsworth, Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo St)

Beans (Buffalo St, Fields of Plenty, Vinewood Knoll)

Arugula (Vinewood Knoll)

Chard (Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo St)

Eggplant (Vinewood Knoll, Fields of Plenty, Farnsworth)

Radishes (Buffalo St)

Sweet peppers of many shapes and sizes are loose in your box.  Even the skinny guys pictured above are sweet (Farnsworth, Singing Tree, Fields of Plenty)

Basil (Farnsworth)

Flowers (Buffalo St, Singing Tree, Farnsworth, Fields of Plenty)

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