Hope everyone enjoyed the 2 days of summertime that got thrown into this week.  We certainly did, allowing a little extra growth on the greens, a little more incentive to pull weeds, and just some lovely weather to spend time with friends in the garden.  I know we keep saying it’s the last week for tomatoes, but some of the ones pulled out of Farnsworth ripened off the vine so there’s a little bonus there.  We’ve also got some real small shares of Brussel Sprouts that you can throw into a stir fry or other dish.

We are also starting to sign folks up for our 2013 CSA season.  You can check out all the details here.  Changes from 2012 include the option of a mid week pick up day, an early start date (mid June), and more additional share choices (flowers, Thanksgiving box, storage share).  Let us know if you have any questions.  We’re also offering folks $20 off their 2013 shares for every person they refer, so spread the word!

This week’s share includes:

City Commons Salad Mix (Farnsworth, Fields of Plenty, Buffalo St, Singing Tree, Vinewood Knoll)

 Sweet Peppers (Singing Tree)

Kale (Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo St, Singing Tree)

Napa Cabbage (Vinewood Knoll)

Radishes (Vinewood Knoll)

Brussel Sprouts (Farnsworth)

Tomatoes (Farnsworth)

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