Due to the time change we moved our box packing up a an hour this week so we wouldn’t be packing in total darkness.  The days are getting shorter though so all the plants that are actually still alive are growing VERY SLOWLY.  So you’ll notice this week lots of things that have been in the ground for awhile.
Fennel seeds are in the brown bags.  Most of the time we harvest fennel while they are in bulb form, but these plants kept on growing and eventually  flowered.  Then after more time and some pollination they produced these lovely flavorful seeds.  They were harvested weeks ago and dried in Minni’s kitchen, and now they can make their way into many of your fall and winter soups and other recipes.


 Salad Mix (Farnsworth, Buffalo St, Fields of Plenty, Singing Tree)

Beets (Vinewood Knoll, Fields of Plenty, Buffalo St, Singing Tree)

Cabbage (Fields of Plenty)

Radish (Salad from Vinewood Knoll, Daikon from Buffalo St)

Shallots (Fields of Plenty)

Dill (Singing Tree)

Turnips (Fields of Plenty)

Fennel Seed (Farnsworth)

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