We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for harvesting and packing our final CSA for the 2012 season. We farmers will spend the rest of November putting our farms to bed for the winter, building the soil with cover crops and compost, and allowing the land to rest until spring. Winter also allows us time to slow down, look back on the past season, and plan for next year. In order to ensure we get the seeds we want  our seed orders need to be placed before the end of December, so we still have lots to do before the end of the year. But as we at this week’s bountiful boxes, what stands in our memories of the last season are the potatoes. The potato patch at Farnsworth was definitely the most collaboratively planted and tended crop of them all. We all came together to plant, weed, and harvest those potatoes and now the fruit of that collective labor can be found in your box!

It’s been a great season and we want to thank all of you, our CSA members, for all your support throughout this season. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Potatoes (Farnsworth)

Leeks (Vinewood Knoll, Fields of Plenty)

Radishes (Vinewood Knoll)

Shallots (Buffalo St, Vinewood Knoll)

Salad Mix (Singing Tree, Fields of Plenty, Vinewood Knoll)

Garlic (Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo St, Fields of Plenty)

Sage (Buffalo St, Fields of Plenty)

Thyme (Singing Tree)

Winter Squash (Singing Tree, Fields of Plenty, Farnsworth, Singing Tree)

Plum Sauce! Delicious on pancakes, waffles, or straight out of the jar. (Farnsworth)

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