2013 Week 2

Sorry the list is up a little late, some of us were celebrating the longest day of the year at Vinewood Knoll last night and are running a little slower than usual this Saturday morning.  Luckily this weather is making it so the plants aren’t running slow at all!  Lot’s of sun and some humid heat should kick the veggies into high gear.  Here are the goodies you can find in this week’s box:

ImageGreens Mix from Buffalo Street


Lettuce Mix from Singing Tree Garden and Vinewood Knoll


Snap Peas from Singing Tree Garden


Mulberries from Fields of Plenty


Garlic Scapes from Vinewood Knoll and Buffalo Street


Oregano from Singing Tree Gardens (Saturday Only)

Parsley or Tarragon from Singing Tree Gardens (Tuesday Only)


Radishes from Buffalo Street Farm (Saturday Only)

Turnips from Buffalo Street Farm (Tuesday Only)

Scallions from Vinewood Knoll

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