You’ll notice when you open this week’s box that everything in it is a lovely green color. One great part of being a grower or belonging to a CSA is the ability to eat with the seasons. But sometimes that means breaking out of habits formed over the winter. Sometimes it means rearranging what’s on the menu not on a whim, but based on what’s growing in your corner of the world; an awareness lost in the isles of the modern supermarket.

In Michigan, June is the month for salads. It’s a time to put down your go-to salad dressing and toppings and play with flavors. As Michigan growers, many of us have asked ourselves “How much lettuce and salad mix can I eat today without getting bored with them?” The answer, we’ve found, is lots and lots.
This time of year, greens take the spotlight, not having to share it with the likes of tomatoes and squash just yet.
Here are some things to keep in mind in June:
Salad dressing! Get up close and personal with dressing recipes. A good vinegarette is great, but after a while, it all starts tasteing the same. The key is to mix it up. Try mixing lemon, tahini, olive oil,minched herbs and garlic scapes for a new experience. Or honey, olive oil, apple cidar vinigar and minced herbs. If you have it, nutritional yeast tastes great sprinkled in many dressings.

The next key step is toppings. Stock up on things like these and you’ll have all sorts of healthy options to turn a fresh salad into a well-rounded meal:
Sunflower seeds
Toasted nuts
Dried fruit (cranberries, cherries, ect.)
Crumbled cheeses (feta, blue cheese, parmasan)
Beans (canned or home-cooked)
Meat/fish of your choice

In this fast-paced society, the key to eating more healthy, fresh produce is convenience. A little planning ahead can slash the often intimidating salad-building time.

With the right stuff in the pantry, it takes the same amount of time to throw a salad together as it would to heat up a hot dog.

So dig into salad season with us! Lettuce wraps, baby salad mix leaves dipped in dressing and eaten like chips… It’s all been done.

How will you dress up your greens?

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