I know the weather has been hot and humid and all of us are ready for it to stop, but I gotta be honest with you, the plants have been LOVING it.  Crops are taking off and bearing tons of fruit, and you’ll see the evidence of that in your box this week.  The first of the summer glory, cucumbers and beans, are on full display as we start to lay off giving you quite so many greens.  We’ve also got the first of the garlic harvest, expect to see more in latr boxes and in Storage and Thanksgiving shares.  Buffalo Street has been harvesting a few tomatoes, but not enough for everyone yet, we’ll get those sweet beauties to you ASAP.

Here’s the full extent of this week:

green-beansGreen Beans from Singing Tree Gardens

thymeThyme from Singing Tree Gardens

Kale bunchesKale from Singing Tree Gardens and Farnsworth

Chard bunchesChard from Farnsworth

carrotsCarrots from Singing Tree Garden and Buffalo Street

Cucumbers from Farnsworth

0719131752Pea Shoots from Vinewood Knoll

0719131751Garlic from Farnsworth

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