The heat is on and so are the fruit! That means less time to blog and more time harvesting as harvest season is upon us. This is what we harvested for y’all this week:



Apples from Farnsworth




Pears from Farnsworth



Beets from Buffalo St. (on Sat) or Carrots from Singing Tree (on Tues)



Peppers from Farnsworth, Singing Tree, and Buffalo St.

sweet peppers



Basil from Farnsworth and Vinewood

Basil (Singing Tree and Farnsworth)

Basil (Vinewood and Farnsworth)



Summer squash from Farnsworth and  Vinewood

Zucchini and summer squash (Farnsworth, Buffalo Street, Fields of Plenty and Vinewood Knoll)

Zucchini and summer squash (Farnsworth,  Vinewood Knoll)


Kale from Farnsworth and Vinewood

Kale (Farnsworth, Buffalo St.)


Parsley from Buffalo St. and Singing Tree



Slicing tomatoes from Farnsworth, Singing Tree and Buffalo St.

Tomatoes 8/24




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