Fruit!  Glorious fruit!  Tomatoes, squashes, cucumbers, apples, pears!  There’s some greens and herbs in there as well, but fruit!

collardsCollards (Saturday) from Vinewood Knoll

Kale (Fields of Plenty, Buffalo St)

Kale (Tuesday) from Vinewood Knoll and Farnsworth

squashSummer squash from Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo Street, and Farnsworth

basilBasil from Farnsworth, Vinewood Knoll, and Singing Tree

garden-parsley-aParsley from Buffalo Street, Vinewood Knoll and Singing Tree

tomsCherry Tomatoes from Farnsworth and Buffalo Street

appleApples from Farnsworth

pearPears from Singing Tree

lettuce mixSalad Mix from Singing Tree

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