You may have noticed the fruit in your box tends to look like this:


not this:


You also may have sometimes found a hole in your kale or even a worm in your pear.

While City Commons strive to deliver you the highest quality, tastiest produce possible, we also have a commitment to growing produce that is free of pesticides that we don’t think are very good for the people who eat the food, grow the food, and live near the farms.  There’s also all sorts of research suggesting that some of these chemicals are also killing off bees and other living things that make life on this planet possible and pleasant.  This means that our produce won’t look like the flawless, uniform stuff at the grocery store, but we’re hoping that you all enjoy taste and health over uniformity.

If you ever have any questions about your produce or our growing practices, let us know!  We’re happy to talk about what we do.  There’s a little info about our methods in this post from last year:

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