Can you believe we’re already halfway through the 2013 season? Time flies. Just think, ten weeks ago we were eating only leafy greens out of the gardens. Now, with the late summer bounty coming in, more fruiting crops continue to ripen. This week we’ll all be incorporating the following items into our meals and snacks:

Apples from Farnsworth and Singing Tree. Great fresh, or baked in a crisp or pie.



Pears from Farnsworth. These guys are very firm, but sweet. Great roasted with ice cream. If you like your pears softer, let them sit at room temperature for a few days, then take a bite! Some suggest keeping firm fruit in a brown paper bag to expedite the softening process.






Cherry tomatoes from Buffalo Street, Farnsworth and Singing Tree




A mix of sweet and hot peppers from Farnsworth, Buffalo and Singing Tree. An assortment of sweet italians, pablanos and jalapenos.





Cilantro from Singing Tree



Summer Squash from Farnsworth and Vinewood



Lettuce from Buffalo St. and Vinewood Knoll. Wonder why your lettuce has been a little bitter? It has everything to do with the temperature. That bitterness comes from the sap of the lettuce plant during hot weather. the sap is  is said to hold an enzyme that works wonders in our digestive systems. A topic well worth Googling.

lettuce head



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