Here’s what’s in your box this week:


Green Beans from Vinewood Knoll, Singing Tree Gardens, and Buffalo Street


Peppers from Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo Street, Farnsworth

You’ll have A LOT of peppers this week.¬† If you can’t use them all at once, just slice them up and stick them in a plastic bag to freeze, then you can use them all winter long!


Beet greens or chard from Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo Street, Farnsworth, and Singing Tree Gardens

Beets greens and swiss chard both work great in recipes that usually call for spinach.


Beets from Buffalo Street and Singing Tree Gardens


Basil from Vinewood Knoll and Singing Tree Gardens


Parsley from Vinewood Knoll, Buffalo Street Farm, and Singing Tree Gardens


Green tomatoes and ripe tomatoes from Buffalo Street Farm, Farnsworth, and Vinewood Knoll

If you don’t like green tomatoes, just put them in a paper bag someplace in your kitchen and they’ll ripen up in time.¬† Besides the usual Fried Green Tomatoes, a lovely salsa verde can be made with green toms by boiling them first for a few minutes and then using them in a ¬†regular salsa recipe as if they were ripe.


Eggplant from Vinewood Knoll and Farnsworth


Potatoes from Farnsworth

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