This is an approximation of our conversation while packing boxes on Friday night:

Elizabeth: It’s so great we have celeriac in the boxes this week, I love it!

Emily: Absolutely.  I was so upset that people at the Grosse Pointe Farmers Market weren’t buying it.  I hope the people who get these boxes will use it.

Minni: Well I don’t know what it is, how do you use it!

Emily: You don’t know celeriac!  It is only the best vegetable ever.

Alice: It tastes just like celery.

Emily: No!  It’s better than celery!  It’s delicious and creamy.  You can roast it, use it in soups, and stews….

Minni: You just eat the root right?

Alice: Well you can eat the stems like normal celery, but they’re not as good.

Elizabeth: Yeah, they’re better for just the flavor, like in a soup.

Alice: I usually like to just use the root raw and cut up real small in root salads during the winter, but Emily, you were doing a great job waxing poetic about celeriac and I have to write the blog post this week.  I should really be writing all this down.

Emily: Well one of my favorite things to eat is a celeriac rémoulade.  You slice off the skin and shred up all of the root.  Then you had some mayo (of vegannaise, whatever), some spices (or just a spicy mustard), salt, pepper, and just a little bit of cider vinegar.  It’s so good!

Alice: The best vegetables are always the ugly ones.

Other celeriac recipes:

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