Thanks to all of you for being in our 2013 CSA!  Your support really does make all the difference.  This year we provided 70+ households with produce, over 3200 pounds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs in total.  We hope that you enjoyed your boxes and will sign up for our 2014 season.  This year we had to put several people on our waiting list, so if you want in we encourage you to not wait until the last minute.  Here’s what is in your final box:


Radishes from Buffalo Street Farm

Kale (Fields of Plenty, Buffalo St)

Kale from Vinewood Knoll, Singing Tree, Farnsworth, and Buffalo Street Farm


Carrots from Vinewood Knoll, Singing Tree, and Buffalo Street Farm


Green onions from Vinewood Knoll, Farnsworth, and Buffalo Street Farm


Green tomatoes from Vinewood Knoll and Farnsworth


Peppers from Singing Tree and Farnsworth


Sage from Fields of Plenty


Parley from Vinewood Knoll and Singing Tree


Arugula from Vinewood Knoll

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