We’re slowly but surely making the transition into fall.  Tomato plants headed out, garlic for 2014 headed in.  Planning ahead for 2014 isn’t just in the garden, we’re also getting ready to start accepting sign ups for 2014.  If you’re a current member or on the wait-list, expect to get a sign up sheet in you e-mail inbox this week.  Return them quick!  We had quite a waitlist this year so you’ll want to reserve your spot.

We also want to thank those that came out for our member potluck last weekend, even in the rain.  We had a great time and hope you did too.

Now on to the boxes:


Radishes from Vinewood Knoll


Leeks from Singing Tree


Peppers from Vinewood Knoll, Singing Tree, and Farnsworth

bok choy

Pak Choi from Buffalo Street


Collards from Farnsworth, Singing Tree, and Vinewood Knoll


Swiss Chard from Farnsworth, Vinewood Knoll, Singing Tree, and Buffalo Street


Parsley from Vinewood Knoll and Singing Tree


Basil from Farnsworth and Buffalo Street

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