The hot weather can be draining for those of us who move around in it.  But with enough water the heat-loving plants like tomatoes and cucumbers are thriving.  It’s coming into the most bountiful time in the garden. Like clockwork, the tomatoes start changing color en force, the summer flowers are bursting  open and the greens just keep on kickin’ out the leaves.

This week you’ll find the box reflects this lovely season of abundance. While the plants love the heat, it also makes them very thirsty so let’s hope it rains soon to save us farmers time, money, and of course water!!


Here’s what’s in the box this week:

Carrots from Food Field


Red slicing tomatoes from Food Field



Red skinned potatoes from Buffalo Street Farm



Radicchio from Food Field and Singing Tree. If necessary, strip away outer leaves to reveal its bright purple heart.





Edible nasturtium flowers from Buffalo St. and Singing Tree Garden





Kale from Buffalo Street, Food Field, and Fields of Plenty (curly  or flat leaf “dino” kale)

Kale (Farnsworth, Buffalo St.)

Curly  Kale


Cucumbers from Food Field (a mix of green and yellow)




Swiss Chard from Singing Tree and Fields of Plenty




Dill (Tuesday) Mint (Saturday)




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