Fava beans are a tasty, nutritious legume.  They take a little work to get ready to eat, but I think you will find it is worth it.

You will definitely want to take the very most outer coating off, this pod is not good to eat, it is the little bean inside that you want.  Often you will read that then you need to steam them and ALSO take off the seed cover around the beans, while sometimes this is true for large tough beans, these ones should be tender enough to cook and eat with the seed covering on.  Then you can use them in all sorts of recipes, they are mild, and work well with many stronger flavors.  If you search the internet or a fancy cookbook (think southern Europe) you’ll find all kinds.  My FAVORITE way to eat them though is grilled.  Plus then you don’t have to shuck them ahead of time.


Grilled Fava Beans

Put your fava beans, whole, in a large bowl.  Add some olive oil and salt  and toss to coat.  Put these on a medium to hot grill.  Grill until they are blistered on one side, 4-5 minutes.  Then flip and grill for another few minutes.  Take off the grill and put in a big bowl or pan.  Add a little more salt, and possibly other herbs or seasonings (I like crushed red pepper).

To eat, let cool until you can handle with your fingers, take the pod and tear it open.  Grasp each little bean in your fingers and squeeze them to pop the creamy insides into your mouth.  Lick your fingers as needed.  Makes a great finger food appetizer before a grilled dinner.

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