I’ll admit it, I grew up not liking beets.  My mom didn’t like them, and the only time I ever saw them was at the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday, where if you put them on your plate they would make everything red.  Gross!  I thought.

But then again, everything other than the croutons at the Ruby Tuesday salad bar was gross!  Finally I went to work at a farm, and when I said I didn’t like beets the farmer looked at me crestfallen, and convinced me to give them another shot.  He picked out some beautiful, medium sized, fresh ones and then simply sauteed them in a little butter.  My life totally changed.

If you’d like to do more than just cook them with a little butter, here are some ideas:

Lentils with beets and mint

Roasted fennel, beet, and apples

Sauteed beet greens

Beet Burgers

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