It wouldn’t be a CSA box if we didn’t put in SOMETHING that most folks haven’t heard of before (we even stumped Maurita!)  So this week it is Radish Seed Pods.  They are the immature seed pods of a radish (as the name implies), a couple weeks ago they were a flower, if we’d left them on a couple more weeks they’d dry up and drop seed.  Any radish you leave in the ground long enough will make them, but the ones in today’s box actually come from a variety specially grown for the pods, unfortunately named Rat Tail radish.

I assume by now you’ve tried one, they’re crispy like a snap pea but they’re spicy like a radish.  If you like them, eating them all as fresh crunchy snacks is great.  They’re also excellent in a salad.  If you’re feeling in a mood for something more complicated you can pickle them, adding some extra spices as you’d like.  They’re also an excellent addition to a stir fry.

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