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Shelling Beans

Shelling beans are the halfway point between the sort of fresh beans we usually call green beans and the dried beans we use in soups and the like.  The outside is tough and not good to eat, it’s the inside is you are after.  Any recipe for fresh shelling beans or that you would usually […]

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Shelly Beans with Pasta and Sage

based on a recipe from Local Flavors by Deborah Madison 2 Tbs olive oil 1 onion, diced 2 bay leaves, 1 parsley sprig, and a few thyme sprigs, tied together 2 Tbs chopped sage 3 garlic cloves, minced shelled fresh cranberry beans 5-6 cups vegetable stock, chicken stock, or water salt and pepper to taste […]

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Sage oil

Sage oil is great as a garnish for sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, white beans, roasted winter squash, and much more.  This recipe calls for butter, but feel free to just use olive oil 4 Tbs butter 24 sage leaves 1/3 cup olive oil Melt butter in a small skillet over medium heat, until it turns […]

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Week 11: August 26 and 30

Our run of having rain on Tuesdays continues.  A tree is down at the end of my street, but before the storm we got in a great harvest.  This wind might have wreaked havoc for later harvests, look for updates tomorrow morning.  In the mean time, check out this good stuff in your box: Cranberry […]

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Buffalo Street Farm Presents: Attack of the Aliens, Stray Dogs and Aphids; Plus Monarchs Abound! (and other news)

You know what’s in the box, but what’s going down on the farm? A lot. And we at Buffalo Street Farm and City Commons want to fill you in on some happenings and  thank all of  our members for  their season long support that helps us  realize our passion for providing fresh, local, organically grown […]

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2014 Week 10

We are officially halfway through the CSA season! About ten weeks ago you picked up your first 2014 box. How are we doing?  You feedback is invaluable, so please contact us with any suggestions or comments, concerns–we’d love to hear from you. Ways to contact us: phone 313-312-5295 ;  e-mail: ; or comment […]

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We know that cooking from a CSA involves a lot of improvisation: Weird ingredients you’ve never heard of before, last minute substitutions on our part, more veggies than most Americans eat (  Here’s a great resource for when you’re staring at all that produce and need to spice things up:  

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2014 Week 9

They always say to  be careful what you wish for. After a week of wishing for rain, we sure got it! Some sources say it was the rainiest day in this region in 90 years.  But it held up on Tuesday just long enough for us to harvest for the Tuesday pick up. You got […]

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Gazpacho: It’s Tomato Soup served ice cold

Guest post by Dan Jones, Gazpacho enthusiast   Gazpacho is a seasonal pleasure. Well, thats stupid. I guess everything in the garden is a “seasonal pleasure” by virtue of how temporary it is. But still, Gazpacho is certainly a pleasure. Few dishes made of your fresh produce can transcend their individual flavors to become such […]

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