They always say to  be careful what you wish for. After a week of wishing for rain, we sure got it! Some sources say it was the rainiest day in this region in 90 years.  But it held up on Tuesday just long enough for us to harvest for the Tuesday pick up. You got your boxes within a few hours of being harvested, can’t get fresher than that!

This is what to expect in your box this week. (hope you like tomatoes)!!

Cabbage from Food Field (Tuesday only) or Green Beans from Singing Tree and Buffalo St. (Saturday only)


Cherry tomatoes From Buffalo Street




Slicing tomatoes from Food Field and Fields of Plenty



Zucchini from Singing Tree and Food Field


Purple OR orange Carrots from Buffalo Street



Swiss Chard from Buffalo Street,  Singing Tree and  Fields of Plenty



White onions from Food Field (we only have a pic of the purple ones but they are white this week)



Basil from Singing Tree


Red skinned potatoes from Food Field





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