Here we go, week 12!  Hope everyone had a happy Labor Day. We’ve got some fall crops already starting to come in, a sign summer is on its way out (already!?). We have to appreciate the tomatoes and such summer crops while we can!


The boxes have:

Winter squash from Food Field

winter sq



Arugula from Buffalo Street and Singing Tree




Hot Peppers from Singing Tree, Fields of Plenty and Food Field (Tuesday only) Kohlrabi from Buffalo Street (SAt. Only)

pepperswk8Kohlrabi in hand



Cherry tomatoes from Buffalo St. and Singing Tree



Slicing tomatoes from Food Field and Fields of Plenty




Green beans from Singing Tree and Food Field




Onions from Food Field




Broccoli rabe from Singing Tree (all parts of bunch are edible, leaves, flowers and all!)

broccoli raab



HERBS: Basil or Mint or Sage or oregano — luck of the draw!




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