This week the tomatoes continue despite all the rain (tomatoes don’t really like wet weather) and the rain loving crops like kohlrabi and arugula are flourishing!

As “harvest season” approaches bringing a change in weather, we are celebrating a successful growing season with a potluck this weekend!


We would  love to see you at our summer/fall CSA member potluck this Saturday,  September 13, at Fields of Plenty (on Clairmount between Third and the Lodge) starting at 5:30 pm. Bring a dish to share and remember to wear weather appropriate clothing and shoes. Also, come prepared for a few mosquitoes as the sun goes down.

So, what’s in the box? Here goes:

Arugula from Buffalo Street and Signing Tree


Cherry Tomatoes from Buffalo Street and  Food Field



Slicing tomatoes from Food Field


Beets from Singing Tree and Food Field (Tues only) Leeks OR Eggplant (Sat. only)


Kohlrabi from Buffalo Street (Tuesday only) Carrots from Singing Tree (Sat only)


Swiss Chard from Fields of Plenty


Kale from Food Field and Fields of Plenty

Peppers from Singing Tree and Food Field


Basil from Buffalo Street OR Sage Or Oregano from Fields of Plenty or other herbs from singing tree


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