The most unusual vegetable in the box this week (for us Americans)  is the sweet potato greens.  It is a cooking green used in a lot of world cuisine across many continents from Africa to South America to Asia.  Comparable to spinach or Swiss chard but with a milder flavor.

Here is the full list of this week’s box contents:

Sweet potato greens from Food Field



Kale from Buffalo Street and Fields of Plenty (curly or lacinato *dino* kale)

Kale bunches

Tomatoes from Food Field and Singing Tree




Hot and sweet peppers from Singing Tree and Food Field

Jimmy Nardello Peppers


Arugula or baby mustard greens from Buffalo Street (Tues) Salad mix or baby mustard greens from Singing Tree and Buffalo (Sat)



Potatoes from Food Field and Signing Tree




Green Beans (Tues only) Eggplant or Squash (Sat. only) from Singing Tree



Herbs from Fields of Plenty and Singing Tree



Garlic from Food Field




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