City Commons Pick Up Day FAQs:

I’m running late/can’t get my share during pick-up time window.  What do I do?

If you are running late, let us know via phone or e-mail as soon as you know you will be late to pick up. That way we can keep the cooler open or leave your share out for you. Even if you will be very late—a few hours—we can keep it for you as long as you communicate this with us ahead of time. Just be advised that if it’s hot out and the box is at a site without a powered cooler, the leafy produce may be more wilted.



I’m going to be out of town on my pick up day:

If you are going to be out of town for multiple days, we suggest you have someone else get your produce. Just make sure they know the instructions (how many boxes or flowers to take, where to pick it up, what time, etc.) We’ve had well-meaning helpers pick up but take too many boxes or not take their friend’s flowers—want to make sure there are no snags. Unfortunately, we can’t switch people’s pick up days (we have enough trouble coordinating our regular box numbers between 5 different farmers)  or hold on to your box for too long (produce is perishable and we don’t keep the cooler running for extra days for one or two boxes), among other reasons. If you would like a longer in-detail explanation of this, e-mail us.


I had an emergency and can’t get my share today:

In case of an unforeseen emergency that doesn’t allow for arranging with another person to pick up, we can save your box overnight for you to get the next morning. Again, this requires communication with the CSA farmers via phone or e-mail as soon as you can so we can so we know to hang onto your box. Even in these cases, we don’t hold boxes for more than one day (24 hours).


I didn’t pick up my share today. Can I get a refund for it?

As stated many times in our member handbook, CSAs don’t offer refunds for missed boxes. When you join a CSA, you are entering a partnership with your farmers. You share the risk and bounty of the farms. However, if the missed box is an error on our end, that is, if we packed too few boxes by mistake, etc, we will arrange a time for you to replace the box you missed.


Contact us: or (313) 312-5295

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