Vegetables with longer shelf lives to keep you eating seasonally into the cold weather!


Storage shares have:

1. Cherry tomato salsa (Tuesday) or pickled beets (Saturday)  and cucumber pickles (both days)  all canned this summer. Good up to 1 year if left sealed; refrigerate after opening.

canned storage


2. Daikon radishes. Can store for several weeks.  To store: Remove the greens and store in a Ziplock bag with a damp paper towel in the bag. Put bag in crisper drawer of fridge.


3. Potatoes (with soil on for storage purposes.) Store in dry, cool, dark place in paper bag for longer term storage. If kept cool, dark, and dry can store several months. Remember, we don’t treat our potatoes with any anti-sprout chemicals like the ones in grocery stores so it is crucial to store them in a dark place. They’re alive and want to grow!


4. White sweet potatoes (yum!)—  If you can resist these for more than 2 weeks, store in paper bag in cool, dry, dark place like regular potatoes. Will keep for months in good storage conditions.

white sweet potatoes

5. Drying red cayenne peppers  These are not completely dry yet. Keep them in the kitchen in a dry place and they will keep for months. Once they are fully dry, you can put them in a dry glass jar or paper bag and use as needed. Best if used within a year.


6. Dried fennel seeds — Store in a  paper bag in a  dry place. Once they are fully dry, (2 weeks or so) they can be stored in a dry glass jar. For best flavor, enjoy them within 1 year. Seeds could also be planted in garden come spring: they are viable, organically grown, and frost hardy for early spring planting!


7. Red Beets –To store for longer periods, remove greens and store in damp Ziplock in fridge like the Daikon radishes. Beet greens can be blanched and frozen in freezer bag for long term storage, too! Can store for up to 5 weeks in the right conditions.


8. Carrots– For long term storage remove greens and store in damp Ziplock or Tupperware in fridge. These will stay good for several weeks.


9. Butternut squash  Store in cool, dry place. Can be stored for several months.


10. Garlic–Store in cool dry place, can store for several months


11. Sage — hang in dry place in kitchen and these herbs will dry out. Once they are dry and crisp, store  in a paper bag or dry glass jar and use as needed. Best if used within 1 year.




12. Bulb Fennel —Remove any protruding  greens (the greens are edible, too) and store bulbs in Ziplock bag in fridge if not used within a week. Will keep up to a month or more in good conditions.




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Brenda · January 19, 2015 at 2:52 pm

I love Bulb Fennel! It is one of my favorite vegetables! I haven’t try to freeze it yet! Thanks for the info!

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