This being week 17, there are only 3 more weeks left in our CSA season!! We sent out last day reminders via e-mail, but if you are still unsure about when your last pick up day is, send us an e-mail at While we are all sold out of storage shares, we do have a few Thanksgiving shares open for purchase. If you are interested in getting a Thanksgiving share, send us an e-mail at with “Thanksgiving Share 2014” in the tittle and we will send you an invoice for $50 via Paypal. These Thanksgiving shares are available on a first come, first served basis.

In this week’s box:

“Easter Egg” Radishes from Buffalo Street



Kohlrabi from Buffalo Street

Kohlrabi in hand


Swiss Chard From Buffalo Street and Fields of Plenty and Singing Tree


Peppers from Food Field and Singing Tree


Green beans from Singing Tree (Tuesday only) Cherry tomatoes from Buffalo Street (Saturday only)


Baby lettuce mix from Singing Tree (Tuesday) Head Lettuce from Buffalo Street (Saturday)

IMG_20130621_231124_1lettuce head

Kale from Buffalo Street and Fields of Plenty

Kale bunches

Beets and beet greens or Daikon radishes from Food Field


Basil from Food Field (Tuesday) or other herbs (chives or oregano or mint or parsley) on Sat.


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