Well, we’ve almost come full circle–when we started the season in June, the boxes were full of green, leafy, frost-resistant  vegetables, and here we are in October again with more leafy boxes. But, as Alice brought to our attention, there are no sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or peppers in the spring! I guess that’s why they call this harvest season. We get the best of both ends of the season.

We’ve had a couple frosts over the past week and because of that, your kale and other leafy vegetables (and maybe even your Daikon radishes or kohlrabi) may have a sweeter taste. See if you notice the difference! Plants make extra sugar after a frost to protect themselves from frost burn,  because sugar freezes at a lower temperature than water.


This week’s box  contains the following:

Blue Adirondack potatoes from Food Field


Sweet potatoes from Food Field



Cooking mustard greens from Buffalo Street (Tuesday only) head lettuce or radicchio from Buffalo Street (Saturday only)

florida-broadleaf-mustardcrispino headsRadicchio


Peppers from Food Field (Tuesday only) Daikon Radishes or Kohlrabi from Fields of Plenty (Sat. Only)


Kale from Buffalo Street

Kale bunches


Salad mix from Buffalo Street and Singing Tree



Butternut squash from Food Field



Collard greens or rainbow chard from Fields of Plenty, Food Field,  Singing Tree, and Buffalo Street


Herbs from Singing Tree and Fields of Plenty





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