Well, our regular CSA season is coming to a close this week, just before the first real freeze.  Hope you enjoyed the season and will join us next year!

This week’s pick up will be the last of 2014  unless you signed up for a  Thanksgiving share, which will be ready for pick up on Saturday  Nov. 22. We will send reminder e-mails for those as well.

For people who got storage shares,  this week there are storage shares for pick up as well as regular boxes. Look for the larger boxes, and remember: one larger box = 1 storage share. Contents of storage box will be posted separately.


This week’s regular box has:


Butternut Squash from Food Field




Carrots from Buffalo Street, Singing Tree and Food Field (Tuesday)  Scallions from Buffalo St. (Saturday)



Beets from Buffalo Street,  OR Kohlrabi from Fields of Plenty (Tuesday) Turnips OR tomatillos OR sunchokes  from Food Field (Saturday)



Kale from Buffalo Street Farm

Kale bunches


Potatoes from Food Field

potato prep


Red cayenne peppers from Food Field (Tuesday),    Salad mix OR radicchio or iceberg lettuce (Saturday)



Rainbow Chard from Buffalo Street, Singing Tree and Fields of Plenty (Tuesday only) , Collard greens OR Napa cabbage  (Saturday only)



Herbs from Fields of Plenty and Singing Tree       ( If you are not sure which herbs you got, send us a pic!)




Leeks OR  bulb fennel (Tuesday only ), Beet greens  (Saturday only)

IMG_0987fennelbeet greens4











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Home · December 18, 2014 at 9:41 pm

Yes. There are farms are in Detroit. ..

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