I’ve grown to accept it as a fact of life–the sky is blue, water is wet, and organic head lettuce is likely to contain a slug or two. We do our best to control slugs in the garden, but we can’t keep every single one out without spraying something toxic. So when you go to prepare your lettuce salad this week, be sure to dismantle the head, leaf by leaf, and wash it thoroughly. Nothing worse than finding a slug in your salad!

On a separate note, the “Crispino” iceberg lettuce in Saturday’s box is my personal favorite. It has the juicy crunch of iceberg lettuce but without the watery flavorless part. Crispino has a rich, nutty flavor with a slightly bitter zing–10x the flavor  or the Dole stuff they sell in bags at the grocery store. It’s worth the time it takes to make sure there are no slugs!


Minni and CSA crew



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