So it is bad form to complain about the rain, as water is so important for growing plants, but if we can dry out a bit this week nobody would mind. ┬áThe clay soils of Detroit are great for a lot of things, but draining after a big rain like we had on Saturday isn’t one of them. ┬áThat being said, we have a great box of veggies for you to enjoy on your holiday weekend, and please remember if you have a Saturday pick up that we ARE NOT taking off the holiday so please pick up your box, send someone to pick it up, or let us know you’re going to be missing.

Now on to the veggies, and as always follow the linked vegetable names for recipe ideas:


Beets from Fields of Plenty


Baby carrots from Food Field (Tuesday Only)

Cabbage from Food Field (Saturday Only)


Collard Greens from Food Field

lettuce head

Lettuce from Vinewood Knoll

snap peas

Snap Peas from Food Field (Tuesday Only)

Chard bunches

Chard from Buffalo Street

Sunflower shoots from Buffalo Street (Saturday only)

kale chips

Baby Kale from Food Field


Oregano from Fields of Plenty

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