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beet burger

Personally, my go-to when preparing our crushed velvet colored friends is roasting them or pan frying. Beets are wonderful in this form for breakfast lunch and/or dinner. However, this method of preparation can get a little monotonous. It was with this thought that I sought a new method of preparation. With a little help from Google I found some inspiration. Beet Burgers. This was a fun and delicious way to inject a little zing into my beet meals. What follows is a rough recipe. Don’t be a slave to the exact directions though. The only really important ingredients are oats, eggs andbeets. But here is what I did.

First I gathered:

-5-8 moderate sized beets

-2 eggs

-About a cup of uncooked rolled oats

-two big handfuls of beet greens or any other greens that happen to be about

-one hot pepper

-salt and pepper or other spices to taste

-two tablespoons of olive oil

-just under half a pound of sheep’s feta cheese


Combine all of these ingredients into a food processor and pulse until smooth. Let stand for about a half hour. This part is vital so the oats can absorb the juices and the whole thing isn’t too watery. If after a half hour the mixture is still too soupy add more oats and let sit.

Now, heat up a frying pan on medium heat and add butter or coconut oil. Once warmed you can shape some beet burger patties and begin frying in your heated skillet. The size of the patties ought to be moderate. Also, I found it was important to let each side cook thoroughly before flipping to maintain some structural integrity. When both sides have browned and are crispy remove from heat and place on your favorite bread. I topped mine with mayo, spicy mustard and a leaf of lettuce. Enjoy your burger! The above recipe ought to feed three really hungry people.

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