Now we’re moving into some real summer food.  With the cool weather it might still be awhile until the tomato avalanche starts, but thanks to a high tunnel hoop house we can at least get some eggplants into your hands this week.

Also you’ll be seeing some red heirloom beans, called Red Swan Bush Beans.  They’re a snap bean with a lovely red hue that taste similar to the green snap beans you are probably used to.  I love their high yields, tenderness (they’re great raw right off the bush), and nice taste.  The color will fade as you cook them.

Here’s everything that is in your box this week:


Beets from Food Field


Snap beans from Fields of Plenty


garlic in hand

Garlic from Fields of Plenty

Turnip greens from Fields of Plenty


Greens Mix from Buffalo Street Farm (Tuesday Only)


Chard from Buffalo Street Farm (Saturday Only)


Eggplant from Buffalo Street Farm


Bunching onions from Buffalo Street Farm (Saturday Only)


Fennel from Buffalo Street Farm

Zucchini and summer squash

Zucchini from Food Field


Lettuce from Vinewood Knoll

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