Below is a letter from the cousin of our Buffalo Street farmer.  If you’re feeling inspired toss his a buck or two for running so far, and for Chris farming so hard:

People –
As many of you know, my cousin Christopher has been busting his ass as a farmer and resident on the east side of Detroit since 2009.  Here’s an overview if you’re not familiar:  And for those of you who prefer pictures:
As most of you don’t know, I’m going to run the Detroit Half Marathon on October 18.  And rather than run for one of many big name charities,  I’m going to run the 13 miles for cousin’s Buffalo Street Farm.
Here’s where you come in.  Support me, support my cousin, support something super special in a community that needs this farm to grow by pledging $13 (that’s $1 a mile) or more here:
In return, cousin and I invite you to join us for a tour of the farm to see what you’re supporting after the race and for a sip of something at a local joint to celebrate (details to follow in a separate email).
On behalf of my cousin, the farm and a city that just keeps on swinging just like Irish Mickey Ward, thanks for considering.
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