And we end up with a light box.  A couple folks pointed out this week that the boxes were a little light (especially on Tuesday).  Part of a CSA is rolling with the ups and downs of the season.  But also part of a CSA is us telling you a little about what’s going on and why that might be.


Also rest assured that we keep track of the value of the boxes that go out, and if there is a week that is light we make sure that there is an extra big box to balance it out later in the season.

Cherry tomatoes in shopping basket

So this week, a problem on Tuesday was that Noah was having a well deserved camping trip vacation and his farm sitter couldn’t find the cherry tomatoes that were supposed to go in the boxes.  On Tuesdays we pack the boxes about 2 hours before you come and pick them up, so our wiggle room to look for things and find substitutes is very limited- so the boxes went out without cherry tomatoes.


There are lots of ups and downs to the season that come from pests or weather.  You can read a lot more about our policies on how we deal with pests here.


This week’s biggest problem was more an issue of planning though.  To quote our weekly planning e-mail: “Uh-oh I have tomatoes and carrots and garlic too!”  So rather than drown you in double doses of each, we went with the option to have lighter boxes this week in favor of more plentiful and diverse boxes later.  If you would rather that we give you larger quantities of some items, by all means let us know!  The most common complaints that a lot of CSAs get is that they get drowned in Kale one week and then Zucchini the next.  We try our best to avoid that.

weed party

Being a cooperative helps us smooth out a lot of the ups and downs of the season, but every once in a while even that can’t help us out.  We obviously hope we’ll make up for this light week later, but certainly continue to tell us when we get it wrong.  This is our fourth year of doing this, and we’re always hoping that we’re getting better at it all the time.

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