A little bit of cooler weather might be slowing down some of the heat lovers (temporarily if the extended forecast is to be believed) but it is adding new vigor to some fall greens we’ve planted.  Don’t worry, unless we have a freak early frost there should be eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers for many weeks to come.  Here are the items in your box this week:

slicer hybrid toms

Tomatoes from Fields of Plenty, Buffalo Street,  and Food Field


Cherry Tomatoes from Food Field and Vinewood Knoll

cucumber eggplant

Cucumbers from Fields of Plenty or Eggplant from Fields of Plenty, Buffalo Street, and Vinewood Knoll or Bell Peppers from Fields of Plenty

collards Kale bunches Swiss-chard-leaves-POST

Collards from Fields of Plenty or Kale from Buffalo Street and Vinewood Knoll or Swiss Chard from Singing Tree


Onions from Buffalo Street


Greens Mix from Food Field (Tuesday Only)


Radishes from Vinewood Knoll


Apples from Food Field


Oregano from Singing Tree and Fields of Plenty


Squash Blossoms from Food Field (Friday only)

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