The last few weeks have seen us farmers busily trying to get all our fall crops, such as beets, greens, and lettuce in the ground so we’ll have a continuous harvest throughout the rest of the growing season. Timing is critical this time of year. If we don’t a planting in the ground on the planned for date it can mean there might not be enough time for the plant to mature before the days get too short. In addition to planting, we’ve been juggling the usual tasks of weeding, cultivating and harvesting. Speaking of harvesting, tomatoes are finally here! So without further ado, this week’s share:


Eggplant from Fields of Plenty


or Cucumbers from Fields of Plenty (Friday Only)


Tomatoes from Buffalo St, Fields of Plenty and Food Field


Cherry Tomatoes from Food Field (Friday Only)


Kale from Food Field and Vinewood Knoll


Fennel from Buffalo St

garlic in hand

Garlic from Buffalo St and Food Field


Carrots from Buffalo St and Food Field

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