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Week 16, 2015

We’re winding our way towards fall and you can see it in some of the produce. Green tomatoes as we start to give up on some of them turning red, potatoes that you can store in a dry, cool place for several months, and more. As long as we’ve still got them we are happy […]

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Week 15 2015

Well fall weather is definitely upon us. While the cooler temperatures have definitely slowed down our hot weather crops we hope to still provide a number of them for a few weeks to come. These cooler, sunny days have made for great working weather though. As the days grow shorter our thoughts turn towards putting our […]

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Dolmades (Stuffed grape leaves)

Last year Buffalo Street Farm was awarded an NEIdeas grant to install a large dessert grape vineyard on their property.  The grant covered cost of land acquisition, trellising equipment, irrigation equipment, and the plants themselves.  This has been a big project on the farm and while the first grapes are at least a year away […]

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Week 14, 2015

There’s some inklings of fall in the air, putting us in mind of apple pie and canning.  Elizabeth (Vinewood Knoll), Emily (Singing Tree), and I (Fields of Plenty) spent this morning putting up peaches for the winter.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by tomatoes then freezing or canning is a good option.  Here are a few […]

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Week 13, 2015

A big rain storm and then some heat, can’t write a better recipe for plant growth than that.  Hope many of you had some time off to eat up all those tomatoes this past holiday weekend.  As I said last week, even if people like to talk about Labor Day being the end of summer- […]

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Week 12, 2015

Double tomatoes this week- it is just that time of year.  Folks like to say that Labor Day is the end of summer, but here in Michigan at least we can often have some of the best summer crops rolling into late September.  As always we encourage you to click the blue links with each […]

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