There’s some inklings of fall in the air, putting us in mind of apple pie and canning.  Elizabeth (Vinewood Knoll), Emily (Singing Tree), and I (Fields of Plenty) spent this morning putting up peaches for the winter.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by tomatoes then freezing or canning is a good option.  Here are a few tips on Storing the Harvest from past years.  You’ll also be getting some baby chard and beet greens in your box this week.  These tender babies are just the thinning from some full sized greens and roots you’ll be getting as we move more into fall. People are always surprised as they walk by my garden in August and September and I’m planting new things.  While spring is certainly the heaviest planting season and late summer/fall the heaviest harvest season, if we play our cards right we get almost 6 months of both planting and harvesting (and even more for the farms with high tunnel greenhouses).  Here’s what you’re getting this week:



Red Swan Beans from Food Field or Yellow Wax Beans from Fields of Plenty (Tuesday Only)

Peppers from Food Field or Fields of Plenty (Friday Only)

Beet greens

Baby chard and beet greens from Fields of Plenty and Buffalo Street


Tomatoes from Food Field and Buffalo Street


Carrots from Food Field (Tuesday Only)


Leeks from Food Field (Friday Only)


Radishes from Buffalo Street

Grape Leaves from Buffalo Street

Kale bunches

Kale from Food Field and Vinewood Knoll

Peaches or Apples from Singing Tree


Sage from Fields of Plenty and Buffalo Street (Tuesday Only)


Mint from Food Field (Friday Only)

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