We’re winding our way towards fall and you can see it in some of the produce. Green tomatoes as we start to give up on some of them turning red, potatoes that you can store in a dry, cool place for several months, and more. As long as we’ve still got them we are happy to be able to put in summer crops like tomatoes and beans.

We’re also planning for our 2016 season, so this is a great time for any feedback for us. ┬áLay it on us, good or bad it really helps us to figure out what to change and what to keep the same.



Beans from Food Field


Tomatoes from Food Field and Buffalo Street

green tomatoes

Green tomatoes from Food Field


Potatoes from Buffalo Street


Beet greens from Buffalo Street


Radishes from Buffalo Street and Vinewood Knoll


Apples from Singing Tree


Chives from Fields of Plenty

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