And now your weary farmers will take a break and get ready for some winter rest (relatively speaking).

First of all- thanks to all of you for participating in the fourth season of City Commons CSA. Like most farm endeavors we continue to be a work in progress, and your support continues to help us keep growing through the ups and downs. Creating a quality product of good value to our customers is incredibly important to us so all of your feedback is helpful- please let us know what we can do in the future to improve what you get in your boxes.

Second- Watch this space, 2016 Sign Ups coming soon! We often have a long wait list so don’t wait too long to sign up for your 2016 share.

Now to what is in this week’s box (Storage shares in a separate blog post) and THANK YOU again for all your support of City Commons:


Mixed Greens from Food Field


Sweet Potatoes from Food Field


Garlic from Food Field


Carrots from Food Field

bell peppers

Peppers from Food Field (Tuesday Only)


Turnips from Food Field (Tuesday Only)


Broccoli from Fields of Plenty (Tuesday Only)


Chives from Fields of Plenty (Tuesday Only)


Rutabaga from Fields of Plenty (Friday Only)


Beets from Fields of Plenty (Friday Only)


Daikon Radish from Food Field (Friday Only)


Oregano, Sage or Thyme (Friday Only)

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