Hello again and welcome to a new season at City Commons CSA!  While our gardens were hibernating this winter we were busy devising new ways to make our members happy.  We have become an official agricultural co-op and have invited three new farms into the mix.  We would like to introduce Dolce Diamante, Occupy Yourself and Villekulla Farm.  Dolce Diamante works a small network of gardens in and around southwest Detroit.  Occupy Yourself is a family farm that uses guerrilla farming techniques on the east side.  And Villekulla Farm is operating in the back 40 of the Farnsworth Community Farm space in Poletown, Detroit.

We are very excited to have the involvement of these three farms as it will surely mean better variety in the boxes and more fresh food for more people.

For more information on the farms and farmers in our co-op please visit our about us page.


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