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Parts of Southern Michigan are seeing dry weather conditions that classify as “abnormally dry” which is just one step away from drought status.  For the Detroit farmer, this means some of our plans are derailed.  Cool weather crops like peas and lettuce are having a hard time in the heat.  Many herbs are going to […]

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Fennel is a delicious addition to the box this week and one that we always get many questions about.  What is this thing that looks like a fluffy green-haired monster?  Texture of celery, flavor like mild licorice, this crunchy vegetable can be consumed in a myriad of different ways.  In France, it is essential on […]

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Season Opener: A Success!

Hello and welcome to City Commons CSA.  Today is the beginning of the new season and we are starting off with a BANG!  There are loads of fresh greens in this week’s box which is impressive given the lack of rain we have had.  We hope you enjoy cooking and creating with this week’s harvest. […]

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We are full for now- but planning to add more members at a pro-rated cost after July 4. Please e-mail and we will put your on our list and be in touch in early July.