Fennel is a delicious addition to the box this week and one that we always get many questions about.  What is this thing that looks like a fluffy green-haired monster?  Texture of celery, flavor like mild licorice, this crunchy vegetable can be consumed in a myriad of different ways.  In France, it is essential on the plate of crudités.  I like it with fish.  Or sautéed in butter.  Or roasted with beets and sesame oil.  Use the fronds in salad or salsas.  Add left-over leaves to your stock pot.  Experiment and enjoy!

Any of the blue links will take you to more recipes for any of the veggies below:



Fennel from Occupy Yourself


Scallions from Iroquois Ave. and Dolce Diamante

Photo on 6-14-16 at 6.30 PM

Butter Crunch Lettuce from Iroquois Ave


Parsley from Dulce Diamante

Kale bunches

Kale from Occupy Yourself and Dulce Diamante


Swiss Chard from Fields of Plenty


Collards from Fields of Plenty and Villa Kula


Mint from Food Field

garlic scapes

Garlic Scapes from Food Field

Feel like you have too many garlic scapes already?  Here’s an idea that one of our CSA members shared with me; chop into little pieces and put into the freezer, use in omelets all year.  I also love these in mint pesto.  Garlic scapes, mint, almonds or walnuts, salt, lemon or lime juice and enough oil to blend. Delicious on potatoes, lamb, chicken pasta, crackers and cheese, etc.

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