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Week 7: A little cool and rain

Sorry this post is late, our usual blogger is out of town. We haven’t gotten a lot of rain this week, but what we have gotten is certainly a relief, and with the cooler weather it’s been great for starting to sprout some fall crops. Even as we’re reveling in tomatoes and squash we’re beginning […]

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Hello again.  It’s finally flower season.  Have you noticed them everywhere from the sides of the highway to under the canopy in the forest?  Maybe you have a beautiful collection in your own garden.  This week marks the beginning of our flower share.  If you purchased a flower share, you will receive your first bunch […]

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Hectic Week

This week is a little hectic at City Commons.  The lack of rain has got us all thinking about how to persevere in the face of drought conditions.  At first, we were having conversations about rain barrels.  Now, even the extra rain barrels we were dreaming about can’t help us.  We need more.  I have […]

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We are full for now- but planning to add more members at a pro-rated cost after July 4. Please e-mail and we will put your on our list and be in touch in early July.